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Bionicos El Grullo

juice bar columbus

Mexican juice and yogurt bar
4640 Cleveland Ave.

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Bionicos de Grullo is a juice bar run by Yaneth Martinez. She’s the sister of Jorge and Oscar Martinez, owners of the popular taco truck Taqueria Jalisco – which not coincidentally is parked in the Bionicos de Grullo parking lot. If you like taco trucks (and theirs is a good one!) but aren’t a fan of sitting outside in the heat in the summer, this is worth noting.

bionicos columbus

‘Bionicos’ are fruit salad and yogurt sundaes that you can customize with a choice of toppings like granola, nuts, dried fruit, candy, and chocolate chips. El Grullo is a town in Jalisco.

mexican fruit and yogurt

As well as the bionicos, Yaneth offers freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices: beet, carrot, orange, celery and grapefruit, and you can order them straight or as combinations. She also served coffee, agua frescas like horchata (rice water) and jamaica (hibiscus water), and licuados, which are a smoothie milkshake hybrid. One of the specialty drinks is a non-alcoholic sweet and thick pina colada.

pina colada licuados

Unsurprisingly, the reasonably sizable juice bar also acts as a seating area for Taqueria Jalisco patrons. You can place your order at the truck and they’ll call inside to let you know when it’s ready. And if you want something to snack on while you wait, Bionicos has are duros – deep fried pasta chips which you can eat with hot sauce.

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Panaderia Otro Rollo

Otro Rollo Panaderia
3866 Sullivant Avenue
614 278 2339

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When we first discovered Otro Rollo bakery last winter, we were instantly smitten by their fresh caramel filled churros. It was a lucky break – the fresh churros have proved to be elusive since then – and we spent months trying to work out the optimal time and day to strike churros gold again. During these repeated trips, we found plenty more to love at Otro Rollo, including the tres leches cake, pig shaped cookies and these chocolate covered, vanilla creme-filled donuts.

Otro Rollo has a wide variety of baked goods, and they supply a lot of the Mexican stores around town. They also make ‘special occasion’ cakes to order.

The breads and cakes are stored in glass fronted cupboards and you take a tray and use tongs to select what you want. Take the tray to the cash register and they bag everything for you. There are no prices displayed but it is good value and almost everything is under a dollar.

Without descriptions it can be a guessing game and freshness is also variable. The conchas (shell cakes, above) are more bread than cake, slightly sweet and are wonderful straight from the oven and not quite so wonderful when stale. I love all of the different designs on the conchas.

In July Otro Rollo opened their own taco truck right next to the store and some excellent offerings including the Mexican hamburgers and the chicken tinga. The truck is open long hours and even serves some breakfast foods including eggs and tamales. Over the winter the taco truck served champurrado, a chocolate atole (like a thick hot chocolate) – just what you need with one of the cakes.