Momo Ghar


 1265 MORSE ROAD (inside Saraga Market)
43229 Columbus
(614) 749-2901

We covered Momo Ghar in Columbus Monthly well before we got the chance to do it here. For a primer on their delicious doings, check it out.

In recent conversations with the owners, they’ve mentioned that they’ve seen a significant uptick in business due to the (well deserved) glowing reviews on social media and elsewhere. Given the intimate lunch counter atmosphere, in which customers are literally facing the owner as they prepare food, they’ve received feedback that has served to refine the menu.


Thankfully, this hasn’t compromised the integrity of their offering, but rather inspired additional items that expand accessibility of it. The wicked spicy heat of the momo jhol broth has been tamed, though the original is still available (ask for it spicy), and vegetarian momos with the jhol broth are also now available. There’s also a new Eastern Tibetan version on offer.


About the lunch counter set up – it’s just about the best thing about them. Down side is limited seating, but the upside is a front row seat for the rarest of culinary performances – fresh, quality, made-from-scratch food crafted just for you, in front of you, amid lively banter with the kitchen and customers. If you haven’t checked out these guys, you should.



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