King’s Garden


CLOSED: 9/30/12

Cuisine: Chinese (Cantonese)

7726 Sawmill Rd, Dublin, OH 43017
(Old Sawmill Square Shopping Center)
Mon – Closed, Tue-Sat 11am – 10pm
Sun – 11am – 9pm

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King’s Garden has been around for a while, but what caught our attention was an ownership change that shifted the restaurant’s focus from Beijing-style Chinese to Cantonese-style. The new owners have a long history of running solid Cantonese restaurants in Columbus; the husband used to own Shangri-La on Cleveland Ave., the wife’s family use to own Wong Gei on campus, and her brother runs Yau’s on south campus.

Our eating team dove right into menu and test-drove some classic Cantonese dishes.

Congee is rice cooked down with water at a very low temperature until it has a creamy consistency. This is usually served for breakfast and it cooked with different savory items like chicken, beef and etc. The version above is made with century/preserved eggs and pork. It was cooked to the right consistency and the subtle sweetness of the meat and congee was punctuated with the slight pungent taste of the century eggs.

The pickled vegetable with shredded pork noodle soup usually comes with rice vermicelli noodles but this version came with the heartier wonton egg noodles. It was very satisfying with its salty, porky broth.

This vegetable and pork noodle soup is different from the one above as this soup is thickened by eggs. The soup was velvety and the combination of the vegetables with the pork gave the dish a subtle umami taste.

The seafood pan fried noodle was a welcome change after all the soft texture of the previous dishes. The noodle is quickly deep fried and placed at the bottom of the plate to be covered in a wonderful soy/oyster corn-flour thickened sauce.  The sauce will slightly soften the noodles but not completely so that you can have a wonderful combination of soft and crunchy texture.

Normally I would never order fried rice in in Columbus because it almost always comes out to be a soggy oily mess. King’s Garden’s fried rice is the exception. This salted fish with chicken fried rice was the epitome of wok hei and skill of the chef. Every single grain of rice was enveloped by the heat of the wok resulting in a non oily and flavor packed dish. I can now rest in fried rice/wok hei peace in Columbus.

If you enjoy tendons and brisket, the beef stew pan fried noodle is a must order. The tendons and brisket has been braised for hours turning them into buttery meat goodness and is a great companion to the pan fried wide rice noodles.  If tendons are not your cup of tea, you can order either the beef stir fried noodle or beef rice noodle with black bean sauce.

We were all extremely happy with the quality of food and pleasant service. The only downside for most of us is that this place is not in our neighborhood. For those who live in Dublin, this place should be your go-to Cantonese restaurant.


8 responses to “King’s Garden

  1. My friend swore that this place was terrible in the past so I never ventured in, but with this review, I’m definitely going to stop by soon. All of your review items are dishes that I love, but have never had them all in one place. I will be dragging the aforementioned friend with me so we can share the food and I can see the surprised look on his face.

  2. My family is originally from Hong Kong and Macau, and I grew up in Hawaii where the Chinese is predominantly from Canton, so living in Columbus I’ve been missing my Cantonese favorites. My bf and I went to King’s Garden today for lunch. It was fantastic. I got the preserved turnip and pork noodle soup, the noodles were perfectly chewy, instead of too soggy. The bf got the black bean chicken chow fun (wide rice noodles), the black bean sauce was wonderful and the noodles were again perfectly chewy and full of good wok hei smokiness. The owners were very kind and attentive. Definitely will be back! I just thought it was a real shame it wasn’t busier.

  3. Finally tried this place out with my friend. The seafood pan-fried noodle is a must! It was a nicely-sized portion of snow peas, mushrooms, gai lan and a large variety of seafood (larger pieces). We also enjoyed the mustard green soup which contained bitter greens, slices of ginger, shredded pork and a tasty broth (the small size will easily feed two as an appetizer). We also had the empress tofu and spicy salty squid. We’ve got so many places to try out (many of them African), but because Chinese is one of our go-to cuisines, we’ll probably be back here really soon.

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  6. More on King’s Garden from our friend ChoosyGourmand

  7. Sad news! They are closing on 9/30/12 as the shopping center will be torn down. The King’s Garden owner will not move to other place but just close. Very sad…!

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