Panaderia Guadalupana

Cuisine: Mexican

1977 E Dublin Granville Road (161)

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Panaderia Guadalupana opened days before we were finalizing the itinerary for our Columbus Food Adventures alt.eats tour and, mercifully, became the answer to the question of how and where to end the tour on a sweet note. We have long enjoyed the Mexican bakeries on the west side (Otro Rollo and Oaxaquena) but this is the first independent Mexican bakery we have found on the North side of town. It’s a really good one.

Colorful cookies and cakes such as tres leches and chocoflan (vanilla egg custard baked on top of chocolate cake) are found in a refrigerated case on the right hand side as you enter. Breads and pastries are in an alcove at the back of the store.

Panaderia Guadalupana has a huge variety of recipes they rotate among, and on any given day there will be around 25-30 bread and pastry options to choose from. The most popular breads (pan dulce, conchas, bolillos) are ever present but the flavors of the empanadas and pastries vary daily. Prices for most of the breads and pastries range from about $.85 to $1.10. Everything is very fresh and the texture is light and airy. Grab a pair of tongs, a tray and make your selection. Then take it up to the counter to be bagged.

One of our recent finds was this jalapeno, cream cheese and turkey roll which was almost a meal in itself.

Panaderia Guadalupana has a big space with lots of windows, seating, wifi and even a couch area. What they don’t have at the moment is any coffee. Once they do, I think this will be a popular spot for people to hang out and work. At the moment it’s a great place to pick up some excellent baked goods, freshly baked each day.

The cinnamon roll is a hungrywoolf favorite. You can see a few shots of Panaderia Guadalupana and their food in this video.


9 responses to “Panaderia Guadalupana

  1. I love this post. I’ve always felt like the North side was lacking in great little eateries, but this is a gem! I will have to check it out, seeing as how our catering chef, and my fiance has a mean sweet tooth! Thanks.

  2. Okay, I am completely smitten! I cannot wait to make a visit to this wonderful find!
    I so hope “Columbus Food Adventures” tours are going great! I’m sorry we missed your party, but we were out of town. I so look forward to each and every one of your posts! 🙂

  3. DH and I stopped by today for our pastry “fix”; we sure weren’t disappointed! Everything was fresh, tasty, beautiful, and impeccably clean. The owners (?) were very helpful and friendly. And the prices were incredible. I heartily recommend this gem!
    Thanks for the heads-up on this place.

  4. Back again today for more pastries; yes, we’re addicted! Turnovers are some of our favs (pumpkin, strawberry, and a custard-y cream), but the churros were some of the best in town. And apple turnover was just the right combo of flaky and fresh apple-not too sweet. “Biscuit” was like nothing I’d ever eaten; crumbly yet firm, with just a hint of sugar in the very light glaze on top. Prices are awesome; most are right around a buck. The owners are so helpful and patient and friendly! I hope this becomes the “go-to” place for their pastry fix!

  5. Yum! I stopped by while working on this side of town today and got 4 pastries (cheese danish-type, pineapple flaky thing, cinnamon roll, and budin). I was intending to save some to take home to my hubby but I’m sad to say none were able to outlast the car ride. Probably not my healthiest lunch to date, but definitely one of the tastiest! And the pastries were all pretty light and fresh, so I’m not feeling weighed-down either. The cream cheese danish was one of the tastiest I’ve had ever.

  6. Better off going to Morse rd Michocana store/bakery much better selection and better prices. This place is ok but opened in August it is now January and they still don’t have coffee…..

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