alt.eats.columbus was started by the creators of TacoTrucksColumbus.  Our inspiration for this blog was our taco truck research – in exploring the less traveled (by us, at least) parts of town in which taco trucks typically reside, we realized that there are a wealth of (primarily, though not exclusively immigrant run) restaurants that seem to be largely ignored or unknown by most.

As foodies with an adventurous streak,  our take was simple and unanimous – this could not stand!  So, we endeavor, along with friends and foodies we’ve met along the way, to explore the unusual and the ‘off-the-beaten-path’ in search of the strip mall sublime.

Our format mimics that of TacoTrucks, which is to say that we provide more of an overview than an in-depth review.  Our primary desire is to provide exposure for these restaurants, so in the interest of breadth (number of restaurants covered) our overviews will, by necessity, lack the depth of the ‘three visit’ review.  We want to whet your appetite in every sense and consider your comments to be an integral part of the discussion.  If you’ve visited any of the restaurants on this site, let us know!

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  1. You have a great blog! It really speaks to my mission to help individuals enjoy the world locally through my blog Cultural Insider at http://www.culturalinsider.com.

    I wish you must success and if I am ever in Columbus, I will use your blog as my food guide.


  2. Great site! My wife and I live exploring diverse cuisines, and Columbus has a surprisingly diverse scene. (Diverse, at least to me, having attended OSU in the early 80s, and only having retuned to Columbus a few years ago.)

    I was surprised, given the number of Somali restaurants you review, the lack of Ethiopian, and my favorite restaurant, Blue Nile, just north of campus.

  3. Try La Herba Buena, the only Filipino grocery and restaurant in Central Ohio. The restaurant serves buffet-style and is open only for lunch and dinner on Saturdays. They offer a limited menu on Friday nights and Sunday brunch.

  4. Don’t know why it’s taken me so long to realize I can just be notified when you post! Thank you so much for an amazing resource!

  5. My family will be moving to Columbus this summer. So glad I stumbled upon your blog!! I am looking forward to using your recommendations!

  6. We loved the Lan Viet market in the North Market. The Pho Ga (chicken soup) was outstanding. You should give it a try. Not sure if it fits your criteria, but it was our first discovery of vietnamese food and we’re anxious to try some of the places posted here. Thanks for creating this site.
    Kevin and Denise Ciferno
    The Soup Loft in Granville

  7. I’m excited about reading more of your blog. Your taste appears to be right up my alley. Thanks. 🙂

  8. It’s refreshing to read a blog that has “foodies” that do the writing. There are way too many people in Columbus that use review sites (e.g yelp) as a way to express their displeasure in a restaurant, and then go on to act as if they know food. I also like the lack of the rating system (1-5 stars). It allows people to form an opion based on what they read and not what is based on someone’s free meal or coupon that they got to use.

  9. Hi there,
    I am so glad i found your site. I’ve visited some of the restaurants that you mention and they are wonderful places to visit. I realized most of the restaurants are located in the NW part of Columbus, OH. I will be picking up relative in the near future at the CMH airport and am looking to find a Indian buffet for lunch. Do you happen to have any recommendation close to the Easton shopping area?
    Best wishes, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  10. How do I set up a “keep me posted” thing? I wish your site provided a very visible notice about that situation. I see the “Notify me” box below this box, but I it looks like it only notifies me about followup comments on this posting. I wanted something wider, like all postings on all alt.eats.columbus .

  11. I’m sooo glad that I “ran into” your blog! We’re moving to Columbus this summer, so this blog will definitely come in handy 🙂

  12. Does anyone in Columbus serve Rocky Mountain Oysters or frogs legs? I’m looking for different, hard to find foods to try. 😃

    • There are a few places that serve frogs legs – G Michael’s has them as a special quite often. Chinese restaurants like Fortune and Hong Kong House offer them.

  13. Why has there been no entry here for over a year?

  14. I’m glad you’re back. Can’t say I’ve found any other source in Columbus for honest, often ethnic restaurant reviews with occasional comparatives–as compared to reviews which read like puff pieces, ignore ethnic cuisine (for the most part), and refuse to do comparatives lest a negative word now lead to an absence of advertising in the future.

  15. Are you guys still around? This blog has been such a wonderful little pocket guide since I’ve moved here. Thanks for running it!

    • Yes, but we haven’t been blogging. We’re mostly posting on Instagram at @cbusadventures and doing some writing for Columbus Monthly. We also offer an Alt Eats tour on Friday nights through Columbus Food Adventures where you are welcome to pick our brain in person.

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