Jiu Thai


787 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43214
Hours: 11:30-9pm (Closed Tuesdays)

Lets not beat around the bush – we love Jiu Thai. We’ve been going there for years, and it’s absolutely criminal that we haven’t written about them until now. Our list of favorites dishes is long, and yesterday we found yet another one.

Specifically, the stir fried lamb ribs. The name is a bit deceiving, since it’s clearly a riff on the cumin lamb found in most restaurants with a Sichuan menu, but for us it’s now the benchmark. The chunks of lamb are thick enough to showcase the flavor and quality of the meat, and their relatively dry stir fry char is spot on. They, along with green peppers and onions, are covered in a Sichuan spice mix that was both instantly recognizable and clearly preferable to previous renditions. With a little spicy heat and a little Sichuan peppercorn zing, it made everything on the plate sing in a way that was almost startling. In a very good way.

We’re not going to get into the details of the rest of the dishes, since it isn’t really the essence of this exercise. Just understand that thick, rustic hand made noodles and dumplings are a mainstay, and that we enthusiastically vouch for the following:

Biang biang noodles (our most frequently ordered dish)

jiu thai

Pork with picked cabbage or Lamb & onion dumplings


Xi’an steamed cold noodles

jiu thai

Big Guy Noodles (and the other noodle soups with hand made noodles)

jiu thai

Cucumber Salad

jiu thai

Delicious pork sandwich


The skewers are fun too.


Menu is online via postmates. They do a lot of delivery via Ricepo and Amazon Restaurants too.

PS: Here’s the skilled hands in the kitchen at Jiu Thai making handmade noodles.





4 responses to “Jiu Thai

  1. And now I want to go and order all of that in one trip

  2. That looks amazing. I’m a dumpling freak!

  3. MMMMmmmm…skewers.

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