Columbus Food Adventures – Food Tours in Columbus, Ohio

I’m proud to introduce my latest endeavour: Columbus Food Adventures, a company specializing in food tours that highlight the best of the Columbus food scene.

I’m especially excited to make this announcement here since, in part, our experiences with alt.eats have led me to this point and given me the motivation to take on such a project.

Case in point: a few months ago, CMH Magazine asked the alt.eats team if we might be interested in working with them on an article based upon some aspect of this blog. Since there were so many alt.eats picks on Cleveland Ave., we suggested basing the article upon the theme of all of the great ethnic restaurants that nobody had heard about on that strip.

They bit.  Before we knew it, we were escorting a CMH writer and a couple of photographers from restaurant to restaurant.  With each stop, their excitement seemed to grow.  Comments like, “I haven’t had good Vietnamese like this since I left the East Coast”, and, “I had no idea a dish like this existed, but I really like it”, brought us great pleasure – these are the types of sentiments that both led us to start the blog and continue to give us the energy to keep it going.

The writer (and all around great guy) – Bob Paschen – was clearly captivated by the stories he encountered along the way.  He interviewed a Persian restauranteur for perhaps half an hour, then walked up to me and said, “This guy’s story is amazing!  Did you know he was previously a dentist in Romania?!”

Great food experiences, great stories… I couldn’t ignore the obvious: Columbus needs a food tour business, and we felt ourselves to be both uniquely positioned and uniquely enthusiastic about doing it.

Taking on such a project seemed like a crazy idea, but research suggested otherwise.  Culinary tourism is a growing trend, and food tour companies thrive in cities as small as Milwaukee and Raleigh-Durham.  We signed on for a couple of food tours offered in Chicago, and our takeaway was clear – we could do that.  Hopefully, we can do it better.

I’m exceptionally proud of Columbus’s food community, and have put a lot of effort into exploring it and chronicling it here, at tacotruckscolumbus, and at hungrywoolf.  We’ve long believed that Columbus’s food scene is a story worth telling and tasting, and I’m excited to have a new platform for doing so.

If you’d like to take a look at our tours (taco trucks, alt.eats, and more), please see Columbus Food Adventure’s new website –


Bethia Woolf (aka Hungrywoolf)
Owner and Operator, Columbus Food Adventures

P.S.: We are still entirely committed to maintaining alt.eats and all of our other blogs.  Every day, someone somewhere in town is working towards their dream of owning and operating a new restaurant.  We’ll still be on the lookout for ‘grand opening’ signs wherever they may pop up, and we’ll still be around to tell you about ’em.


7 responses to “Columbus Food Adventures – Food Tours in Columbus, Ohio

  1. This looks awesome, but please tell me you guys aren’t going to stop doing TTC or alt.eats updates?

    Even without out a chance to go on a tour, the reviews from the blogs have been awesome and turned me on to a lot of different new places!

  2. HI! I just found your website and I love it! I live in Bexley and write the website I would love to work with you to promote your new adventure!
    🙂 Ali

  3. I agree that Cleveland Avenue just doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. I’m sure after some tours that will soon begin to change.

  4. Saw you on TV a few days ago and went online to get more information. I live in Cleveland and wonder if you have any tour buses that come down from Cleveland for your tours. Sounds wonderful and I’d love to come visit you. Thank you!

    • We haven’t coordinated any buses from other cities, but we’ve had plenty of people from Cleveland visit us to take our tours. We’d love to see you!

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