La Super Torta

721 Georgesville Road (West side of Georgesville)
614 327 4192 / 614 274 4192

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La Super Torta occupies a bright corner location at the intersection of Georgesville and Sullivant, in a site formerly occupied by La Bamba. It was opened in 2009 by the owners of the taco truck Super Torta II and offers many of the same menu items. The space is clean and refined, perhaps to the point of looking less like a Mexican restaurant than a “Mexican” restaurant.

Nonetheless, eating at Super Torta feels like indoor taco trucking. The choice of food is the same as a taco truck but with the added benefit of ample seating and restrooms. The familiar taco truck options are there: tacos, tortas, burritos, gorditas, huaraches and quesadillas but in addition there are flautas and nachos, and of course the Super Torta specialities of chicharrones preparados and tlayudas.

A tlayuda is a (large) pizza size dish which a thin crispy base which is covered with refried beans, chorizo, lettuce and string cheese and then topped with avocado, a slab of al pastor, a slab of cecina (dried beef), radishes and a jalapeno. It is a monster of a dish, a bit dry by nature but definitely tasty.

Another novel dish was the tinga tostada. Tinga is a chicken stew, that we have eaten and recommended at Otro Rollo. In this case it was packed with chipotle peppers and very flavorful. The tostada was also topped with lettuce, tomatoes, a little cheese and sour cream. A great snack for $2.50.

We also tried the menudo (usually at taco trucks this is a weekend-only special). Menudo is a soup of tripe and hominy, in this case in a red chili base. The owner told us that it was homemade and explained that it takes eight hours to prepare. We could tell that it had been cooked for a long time because the tripe was extremely tender – a great choice for offal fans.

The menudo ($8) is served with a roll of corn tortillas, a bowl of finely chopped onion, cilantro and jalapeno and a couple of lime wedges.

Super Torta also offers sliced mango plates, flan, a couple of agua frescas, Jarritos, Mexican Coca Cola and some fountain drinks.


8 responses to “La Super Torta

  1. you went to a place called la super torta and didnt get a torta? seems like a shame…

    • In keeping with the spirit of this site, we generally tend to seek out the less conventional dishes. Beyond that, though, truth be told I’m personally not much of a fan of tortas in general.

  2. oh i completely understand the idea of trying new things. i love tortas and would have at least like to have seen a picture of the ones they offer. if you guys wanna try great japanese food try kihachi. most authentic in columbus. i suggest getting lots of small plates and sharing. and sit at the bar where you can watch them cook if possible. ill warn you though, if your new there and not asian, service will prob not be up to par but the food makes up for it. keep up the good food blogging…

    • only reason i would not review kihachi is to not let this gem out to the general public. place is that slam. lol

    • Heheh… while our torta tastes may diverge, we’re absolutely on the same page about Kihachi. Nothing less than my favorite restaurant in town.

  3. thats whats up. killa…

  4. cristobal miguel altamirano

    quiero una tlayuda de huevo y sin frijoles

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