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  1. Hi Guys–Seems like a promising new blog. Don’t have your rss feed easily findable (if one exists) and you don’t have your twitter username anywhere I could find. These two would help people “lock in” to your blog by subscribing in one way or another.

  2. I’d like a link to Facebook. It’s easier to look one place for updates. When are you going to update the Taco Truck blog?

    • Carmen – we intend to have a fb page up soon. Re taco trucks, we have a new review in the works but our big project over the next couple of weeks is to visit all of the trucks to see which ones made it through winter.

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  4. Hello, I have found your blog, and really like it.
    Me and my husband have opened a new “Russian” grocery store in Dublin on 5833 Sawmill road (across the street from Home Depot) – EuroMarket, but basically we have a variety of eastern and western European type foods, as well as some home made foods such as borsch, blintzes, cutlets. etc.
    Would you be interested to visit our store and maybe post it on your blog if you would find it feasible?

    • Hi Rusiana –

      We’ve actually been to your location once already. We need to visit again so we can do a decent write-up. We have a big backlog, but hope to get up there again before too long.

  5. Just found your blog by trying to look up pasties (meat pies). Thanks! Keep up the awesome work! I will def check out some places you recommended.

  6. This is fantastic… I was just listening to FoodCast, on WCBE and this map was mentioned. I love maps, and I love food, thank you!

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