alt eats Index

A simple alphabetical menu of our discoveries. We aim to update once per month, but as you can read, there is a lot to update. We hope you find this feature helpful.

If you’re looking for restaurants in a particular part of town, take a look at our map.

Last update: April 2011

African Paradise
Cuisine: Somali
Suggested dish: Goat

Apna Bazaar
Cuisine: Pakistani/Indian
Suggested Dish

Arirang (Grocery Store and Restaurant)
Cuisine: Korean
Suggested Dish:

Azteca Do Oro
Cuisine: Mexican
Suggested Dish:

Cuisine: Somali
Suggested Dish:

Banana Leaf
Cuisine: Indian (Vegetarian)
Suggested Dish:

Cuisine: Thai
Suggested Dish:pretty much anything

Bilan Café Restaurant
Cuisine: Somali
Suggested Dish:

Blue Nile
Cuisine: Ethiopian
Suggested dish: Lunch Buffet, Combo Platter

Bono Pizza
Cuisine: Pizza
Suggested Dish: San Rolando or Carbonara Pizzas

Café Kabul
Cuisine: Afgani
Suggested Dish:

Cuisine: Somali
Entry Level Entrée:

China Jade
Cuisine: Chinese and Vietnamese
Suggested Dish:

Cuisine: Indian
Suggested Dish: Buffet

Creole Kitchen
Cuisine: Cajun, Soul Food, Creole
Suggested Dish: Anything.

Dabakh Restaurant
Cuisine: Senegalese
Suggested Dish:

Dominic’s Jamaican Restaurant
Cuisine: Jamaican
Suggested Dish: Jerk Chicken, any dessert

Dosa Corner
Cuisine: Indian
Suggested Dish: Dosa of course

Cuisine: Pan-African (Ghanaian, Senegalese, Tanzanian, Sierre Leone
Suggested Dish:

Euro Delicatessen
Cuisine: All things eastern european including: Russian, Poland, Hungary, Estonia and the Ukraine
Suggested Dish: Sausage

Cuisine: Peruvian

Foodie Cart
Cuisine: Japanese Crepes
Suggested dish: Pork

The Food Corner (TFC) – CLOSED
Cuisine: Mexican, American and Indian all in one place

Fusion Cafe
Cuisine: Eclectic with some cajun, creole, southern leanings
Suggested dish:

Golden Delight
Cuisine: Chinese (baked goods)

Suggested Dish:

Imperial Garden
Cuisine: Chinese

Cuisine: Vietnamese / Laotian
Suggested Dish:

Intercontinental Restaurant
Cuisine: Nigerian

Jeddo Kabab
Cuisine: Persian
Suggested Dish:

Cuisine: Japanese

Las Catrachas
Cuisine: Honduran Street food
Suggested Dish: Chicken

Cuisine: Ethiopian
Suggested Dish:

La Michoacana (The Original)
Cuisine: Mexican (grocery store with a great deli serving tortas)
Suggested Dish: Torta Cubano

La Super Torta
Cuisine: Sit down Mexican taco truck fare and more
Suggested Dish:

Lai Lai Asian Kitchen
Cuisine: Chinese
Suggested Dish: tea smoked duck

Lee Garden
Cuisine: Chinese
Suggested Dish: Dim Sum

Little Dragons
Cuisine: Chinese
Suggested Dish: Sunday Dim Sum and “Secret’ Chinese Menu

Luc’s Asian Market
Cuisine: Pan Asian
Suggested Dish:

Los Galapagos (Restaurant and Market)
Cuisine: Ecuadorean & Colombian
Suggested Dish:

Los Guachos Taqueria
Cuisine: Mexican

Mardi Gras Ice Cream and Cakes
Cuisine: Indian and “normal” ice cream flavors
Suggested Dish: Kesar Pista

Mecca Market and Grill
Cuisine: Pakistani
Suggested Dish:

Mi Bandera
Cuisine: Mexican & Dominican
Suggested Dish: Chuleta de Puerco

Mi Li Café
Cuisine: Vietnamese
Suggested Dish: Banh Mi

Panaderia Guadalupana
Cuisine: Mexican Bakery
Suggested dish: jalapeno, cream cheese and turkey roll (We like this a lot!)

Panaderia Oaxaquena
Cuisine: Mexican
Suggested Dish:

Panderia Otro Rollo
Cuisine: Mexican
Suggested Dish: Mole

Pho Hua Jennie Cali
Cuisine: Vietnamese
Suggested Dish:

Poong Mei (Spring of China)
Cuisine: Chinese, Korean, Japanese
Suggested Dish:

Cuisine: Indian (Hyderabadi)

Restaurant Karla
Cuisine: Mexican
Suggested Dish:

Restaurante Salvadoreno
Cuisine: Salvadoran
Suggested Dish:

Restaurant Silla
Cuisine: Korean
Suggested Dish:

Sabrina’s Cuisine
Cuisine: Somali / Kenyan
Suggested Dish:

Salam Market and Bakery
Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Suggested Dish:

Solay Bistro
Cuisine: Somali
Suggested Dish: Lassi

Cuisine: Chinese
Suggested Dish: Dim Sum

Sweet Pot
Cuisine: Jamacian
Suggested Dish:

Taste of Bali
Cuisine: Indonesian
Suggested Dish:

Taste of Zanzibar
Cuisine: African
Suggested Dish:

Tea Zone
Cuisine: Korean

Udipi Cafe
Cuisine: Indian
Suggested Dish: buffet, dosas

Cuisine: Vietnamese / Chinese
Suggested Dish:

Yummy Bakery
Cuisine: Persian (baked goods)


2 responses to “alt eats Index

  1. We discovered a new Salvadorean place to eat on the north side! I don’t know if you could even describe it as a “hole in the wall,” because you literally would never find it unless someone told you it was there. It’s at 3456 Cleveland Ave, next to the Asian Grocery. The sign says “Pho Saigon Coffee Shop,” and the place is decorated in Korean flags and Buddha statues. But when you go inside, there’s a little lady from El Salvador and a white board that says “pupusas” and “tamales.” I haven’t eaten there yet, but I am SUPER excited!

  2. bashka jacobs

    it is the longest restaurant in Columbus and in fact there are two cooks there one cooks Mexican south of the border food and the other makes the most divine lacy pancakes Vietnamese style. they work side by side the kitchen is super clean the ladies are delightful and its very dark until you ask the owner of the supermarket to put the lights on and she always does. it is poorly appointed and the food is excellent if you get anything Vietnamese or the pupusas, it is a Vietnamese restaurant with a side of south flavors.

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